50 Years Armchair Renovation – Easily Cover Your Seats At Home!

It became one of my favorite projects of our Trash to Treasure series.

When we saw the hand-carved, almost antique-valued wooden armchairs being thrown away, we could not resist and moved them home and renewed everything ourselves. These models are Italian and made in 1970-1980. They are about 40-50 years old and can now be used as much.

Remember, the world is no longer able to tolerate this much consumption. Now we need to become “CONVERTERS” by getting out of being consumers and unnecessary producers. Do not throw away the furniture in your home either; Paint, polish, sand if necessary, turn it over and put it in a handstand! Believe me, it will turn into something you will love more than anything you buy new, as long as we can put some effort into our hands 🙂

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