Liquid Soup

  • GRATED NATURAL SOAP (2 tops tablespoon)
  • HOT DRINKING WATER (300 ml – 1.5 water glass)
  • FIXED OIL; Olives, Almond, Centaury etc. (1 teaspoon)
  • AROMATIC OIL; Scotch Pine, Lavender, Melissa, Strawberry etc. (3-4 drops)

 Grate the natural bar of soap and add to the bowl. Add the boiled hot drinking water and mix until the soap is thoroughly dissolved. then allow to cool it.
 After our soapy water has cooled down, add fixed oil and (optionally) aromatic oil and mix.

Harmless, Non-Toxic, Ecological Liquid Soap Ready!

Note: Choose more fatty soaps such as; olive oil, terebinth. It is important for your hands to not dry.

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