Tooth Paste

  • CONCRETE CLAY ( 2 tablespoons ) 
  • CARBONATE ( 1/2 tablespoon ) 
  • SALT ( 1/2 tablespoon ) 
  • FIXED OIL ; COCONUT OIL , OLIVE OIL , ALMOND OIL ( 1 tablespoon ) 
  • GLYCERINE OIL ( 1 tablespoon ) 
  • AROMATIC OIL ; MINT , STRAWBERRY etc.. ( 5-10 drops )

Mix the powder of concrete clay, salt and carbonate. Add the fixed oils and glycerin at room temperature and continue mixing. You can add some more glycerin oil according to the desired consistency that your wanted. Finally add and mix the aromatic oil into the mixture.  

(You can increase the amount of salt if you have gingival bleeding)

Non-fluoride, Harmless, Non-Toxic, Ecological Toothpaste Ready!

+Note: You can whiten your teeth by brushing with carbon (activated charcoal) ones-twice for a week.


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